Since COVID-19 started, our team decided to gather for a weekly “Virtual Happy Hour” until further notice. In addition, a theme will be chosen & the winner will choose next week’s theme.

These are the themes we’ve done so far:
Week 1: Accessories
Week 2: PJs
Week 3: Headgear
Week 4: Virtual Background (Where would you rather be?)

Personally, I would rather be in gentle & fluffy clouds because I feel like it would be comfy & peaceful there…

The Judge recognized my “deft use of video to create the illusion of flying above and amongst the clouds, creating a sense of fast-paced movement toward some unknown destination. Seems like a great metaphor for our corona-crazy world at the moment!”

So, I won. 🏆

What should I choose for the theme this week?

If you have any ideas please comment, tweet me, or DM me.


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