Since I won our last challenge, I chose the theme Virtual Backgrounds – Choose a Movie Universe!

I’m not a big entertainment industry (Movie/TV) consumer… Can you name these movie backgrounds?

I chose the movie Inside Out.

All Pixar propaganda aside, this movie made me cry. This is the scene with all the Memory Orbs: when touched, one can view / re-experience that specific memory…

Which movie universe would you choose? Feel free to comment, tweet or DM me.


1×1: Star Wars (?)
1×2: Inside Out
1×3: Jurassic Park
2×1: Onward
2×2: James Bond (Sean Connery)
2×3: Matrix
3×1: Game of Thrones
3×2: ?
3×3: Pulp Fiction
4×2: The Shining


  • Arbaz says:


    Blog is so nice

  • Jim says:

    This is cute, sorry I don’t really have any thoughts to offer. I imagine you will get lots of participation from younger people. This is the kind of stuff younger folks like. It is cute though

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