1. I do not intend to tell anyone how to think, act, or feel.
  2. Being mindful of my impact, I am striving to be more responsible with what I say & share with the general public. I will be putting more thought & quality into what I release.
  3. I apologize for over-giving and oversharing. I do not support codependency.
  4. I like to let people know what I appreciate about them when I can, but I do not give consistent validation, as I don’t support being dependent on outside validation. Also, I am only interested in reciprocal friendships. If you would like to be acquainted, message me.
  5. I am not active on social media due to censorship. You can find me on gab.
  6. I don’t appreciate people getting mad at me for not posting. I started this page as a hobby. Any help or advice I’ve given was out of kindness. I should be able to post, or not post, when I want to. (refer to #2)
  7. I’m waiting for those associated with Apple, Mainstream Media, & Hollywood to respect my privacy AKA desert my personal accounts & devices. Harassment delays & discourages my efforts of creating or releasing new content. 

Thank you!

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