1. I do not intend to tell anyone how to think, act, or feel.
  2. Being mindful of my impact, I am striving to be more responsible with what I say & share with the general public. I will be putting more thought & quality into what I release.
  3. I apologize for over-giving and oversharing. I support interdependence.
  4. I like to let people know that I appreciate them occasionally, but sometimes I don’t feel like writing or existing in the online world. I support independence from outside validation.
  5. I am not active on social media this year due to censorship.
  6. I started this page as a hobby. Any help or advice I’ve given was out of kindness. I should be able to post, or not post, when I want to. If you enjoy astrology, here is my latest blog about Aries season.
  7. Please respect my privacy. Harassment delays & discourages my efforts of creating or releasing new content.
  8. I believe that people are inherently good. I do not have ill will against any persons, companies, or corporations.
  9. I believe that You were put on Earth for a specific reason. You have greatness and God has had a plan for your life since the beginning of time.

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